Hello I’m a freelance web developer.

Since childhood I have been good at the study and application of mathematics, my twelve years I started taking courses on programming with languages such as RPG, COBOL and Basic, although since then I liked programming mainly for video games, that is, as a hobby, but I didn’t imagine that I would dedicate part of my professional life to software development and engineering.

After studying a degree in mathematics, I started working on operations research issues where developing applications to automate processes was a daily matter, the origin of two of the development agencies, where I work, came later spontaneously as a result of it and the Internet. Currently I also offer my services as a freelancer, so you can be sure that after all these years I have the necessary experience to work for you.

I develop WordPress themes and BlogEngine.Net Templates, such as HTML5 website, CMS, ERP Systems and more. I also work in web security as well as in the field of computer networks, giving remote technical support.

My passion is math but also psychology, photography, reading, statistics, algebra, teach math … and good coffee. I don’t like work for money but for enjoy my life, I don’t have customers but I establish good and long relationship with people who I work for.

I enjoy too much my job, but what I really offer is to help people to they can help others to have access to tech, good services, or products. Maybe someone can need something but don’t know or imagine that what you need is closer than you think, with google you can find your website and know that you can find what he or she occupies very easily.