Hello! I am Davyd, Web Developer
and IT Support Specialist

My Services


The main services that I offer, but not the only ones are

Web Development

I build websites from scratch, my web development service includes starting your site from platforms such as WordPress, BlogEngine, DNN, Drupal, Joomla or HTML5 and CSS code, all based on your needs. Development of web applications and databases, as well as implementation of ERP (Business Resource Planning system) and CRM (Customer Relations Manager)

Web Maintenance

Web maintenance allows your site to be in constant motion within SEO parameters, that is, the more frequently you make or publish changes, the better the ranking in the web search engines. Web maintenance also refers to solving problems that your site may have or present as mismatches in content, backup, database cleaning.

Remote Support

When your system has a failure or you don’t know how to perform a task, configuration or process on your computer, I can help you solve your problems through my Remote Technical Assistance service. By means of a secure connection via internet I log in directly to your computer, that way I can guide you to solve the problem.